What I Did Choose and Why

As I continue my first blog post, I chose to spend my life and my career in the service to others.  I was raised by two parents who taught me to recognize the needs of others.  Put the needs of the less fortunate than myself before my own feelings.

Be proud of your accomplishments, but more proud of what you have accomplished to support other human beings.  Challenge social injustice, speak up when others are dealt an injustice.  Rise up, speak your mind to ensure others are treated fairly.  When you do and I have for years, make sure that you keep in mind, when you do so you will experience victory and yes, at times adversity and/or conflict.

This was good advice.  It has served me well.  I am still trying. I’ve spent my time on reflection and devising new plans for the future.  Let me begin with sharing the ideas initially in this blog and I will share my progress.

Until next time…


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