What I Did Choose and Why

As I continue my first blog post, I chose to spend my life and my career in the service to others.  I was raised by two parents who taught me to recognize the needs of others.  Put the needs of the less fortunate than myself before my own feelings.

Be proud of your accomplishments, but more proud of what you have accomplished to support other human beings.  Challenge social injustice, speak up when others are dealt an injustice.  Rise up, speak your mind to ensure others are treated fairly.  When you do and I have for years, make sure that you keep in mind, when you do so you will experience victory and yes, at times adversity and/or conflict.

This was good advice.  It has served me well.  I am still trying. I’ve spent my time on reflection and devising new plans for the future.  Let me begin with sharing the ideas initially in this blog and I will share my progress.

Until next time…


One of the Gifts of Unemployment

Let me begin with a chuckle…this is the beginning of a blog posting which I have obviously titled “One Of The Gifts Of Unemployment” because this is a gift. Please consider this the first installment of a written diary of a journey that has been extremely painful and lonely.

I think of this as stated for the first time today. After forty-nine (49) months of unemployment, I have to call this what it has become only recently. The first twenty-four (24) months were a living hell. The first few weeks of walking away from a job I truly loved were very painful. Filling out the paper work for unemployment is easy on the computer in California, but it was heart wrenching. Heart wrenching because it was an affirmation that there would be some money coming in, but who knew when the next solid job opportunity would come up. Well, this was back in October 2008. Any person reading this posting will recognize what a tumultuous time in the United States it was.
Let me move forward. I have hesitated to start writing a blog. Obviously I am new to this Internet wonder – a blog. I read many, but this is the first time I have the time and courage to sit down and write. I have loved to write since I was child. I believe my mother has squirreled away some of the first books I wrote long ago.
As with life we make choices and take different paths on the road of life. I took many paths, but not the path of a writer. Why? I chose my path in service to others. I wrote reports, evaluations, school plans, correspondence, but not fiction or even nonfiction.
Instead now, I’ve decided to write a blog. Thus the title “One Of The Gifts Of Unemployment”. This is a gift, I’m sitting in my air conditioned home, incidentally it’s in the 90s outside and very humid. I’m quietly listening to music and I’ve taken the first step in my mission to share some of things I’ve learned during forty-eight months of unemployment –  some of the sorrows and joys.
Therefore, I will explore my thoughts and experiences and describe job applications and job interview experiences. The new experiences of networking, staying on top of the unemployment paper work, the pain experienced in the re-write of a resume, vitae or whatever numerous times! Although I’m sure my experiences aren’t that different than my fellow unemployed Americans. After all there are many of us still looking, we’re just not counted any longer. Once unemployment runs out or a person is denied there really isn’t much out there to help out any longer.
One of favorite old movies is titled “The Egg and I” it starred Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray, it was released in 1947, anyway there was a line in the book and movie where Ms. Colbert the female lead said, “I can write a book”! Well, it’s one of my favorite lines in life. It’s the 21st Century and I say “I can write a blog”. Today I begin.
As the saying goes: To be continued…